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Sumee Su is OnLine NOW!

“Sumee Su Jewelry & Metalcraft” was established by Hsiao-Meng Su in 2016. Hope to record those living stuff into the works. Sumee Su is skilled in transforming cold and solid metal into a gentle and profound imprint. Regardless of accessories or living products, the works design from contemporary metalworking multi-material techniques. Different users will bring different stories, result different ripples.

2016自創品牌”Sumee Su Jewelry & Metalcraft”,期許紀錄生活中感觸的點滴於作品之中。Sumee Su擅長將冰冷堅硬的金屬轉化為溫柔且深刻的印記,無論飾品或家居用品,作品設計來自當代金工複合媒材創作手法,不同的使用者亦將產出不同的故事、製造不同的漣漪。

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