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ABOUT Sumee Su

Female, born in Tainan, Taiwan.


     Taiwanese metal artist Hsiao-meng Su has been selected four times for National Handicrafts Award, SOFT 4 in Spain, Japan Enamelling Artist Association Exhibition, ITAMI International Craft Exhibition and Korean Craft Trend Fair…etc. She has transformed these arabesques into story after story in her art. She uses lines and fragments that only she understands to record the richness and harshness of her life.

     “Sumee Su Jewelry & Metalcraft” was established by Hsiao-Meng Su in 2016. Hope to record those living stuff into the works. Sumee Su is skilled in transforming cold and solid metal into a gentle and profound imprint. Regardless of accessories or living products, the works design from contemporary metalworking multi-material techniques. Different users will bring different stories, result different ripples.

     The most part of the work style and shape are the Oriental culture symbols and native plants. In order to achieve the brand internationalization, we plan to expand the distribution channel oversea to south bound and also Europe. Hope to establish a fine quality of Taiwanese products for the international impression.

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